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Local Law No. 3 of the Year 2014

Village of Medina, County of Orleans

A local law to override the tax levy limit established in General Municipal Law 3-c

Section 1. Legislative Intent

It is the intent of this local law to allow the Village of Medina to adopt a budget for the fiscal year commencing June, 2014, that requires a real property tax levy in excess of the "tax levy limit" as defined by General Municipal Law §3-c.

Section 2. Authority.

This local law is adopted pursuant to subdivision 5 of the General Municipal Law §3-c, which expressly authorizes a local government's governing body to override the property tax cap for the coming fiscal year by the adoption of a local law approved by a vote of sixty percent (60%) of said governing body.

Section 3. Tax Levy Limit Override.

The Board of Trustees of the Village of Medina, County of Orleans, is hereby authorized to adopt a budget for the fiscal year commencing June, 2014 that requires a real property tax levy in excess of the amount otherwise prescribed in General Municipal Law §3-c.

Section 4. Severability.

If a Court determines that any clause, sentence, paragraph, subdivision, or part of this local law or the application thereof to any person, firm or corporation, or circumstance is invalid or unconstitutional, the Court's Order or Judgment shall not affect, impair, or invalidate the remainder of this local law, but shall be confined in its operation to the clause, sentence, paragraph, subdivision, or part of this local law or in its application to the person, individual, firm or corporation or circumstance, directly involved in the controversy in which such Judgment or Order shall be rendered.

Section 5. Effective Date.

This local law shall take effect immediately upon filing with the Secretary of State.

New Water Bill Sample
As of April 1, 2014, the village will be using a new form for water billing purposes. See below.
Sample Water Bill

Press Release Regarding Dissolution


MARCH 15, 2014


CONTACT:  MAYOR ANDREW MEIER, 585.233.4369(c) - call or text


Please accept this letter in response to a mailer distributed on Friday by the Towns of Shelby and Ridgeway about the dissolution plan currently being developed by the Dissolution Committee.  Although this letter, entitled “Dissolution Information Effecting Area Residents,” was published on December 26, 2013, the Towns waited until 4 days before the Village Election to mail, and at great taxpayer expense.  The letter contains many inaccuracies and omissions, and we wish to clarify.


First, some background:   “Dissolution” is a legal process by which village government is wound up and its functions transferred to the towns or other entities.  Dissolution does not impact our Post Office addresses, which would remain “Medina, New York, 14103,” nor the school, which would remain the Medina Central School District.  “Medina” would remain a community with a place on the map due to its population concentration.


The Village began investigating the possibility of Dissolution after the Towns declined the Village’s numerous requests to pursue a 3-way municipal consolidation.  Last summer, the Village Board appointed an independent committee to prepare a Dissolution Plan.  Members are Don Colquhoun, Charlie Slack, Andrew Meier, Cindy Robinson, Mark Irwin, and Thurston Dale.  The committee is working with the Center for Governmental Research (CGR), project consultant, to gather the data and propose a plan so the Village Board and residents can make an informed decision on how to proceed.  Meetings have been open to the public and well attended. 


Although the committee has already made many decisions, this process is not yet complete, nor is the tax impact known.  The draft plan should be ready for public dissemination next month.  Once the draft is complete, several public hearings will be held on the plan before it is presented to the Village Board.  Then, the Village Board would determine whether or not to put the plan to a public referendum.


In preparing the plan, the committee decided that the final plan should:


1.       Keep as many services in place as possible – such as fire, ambulance service, and police;


2.       Minimize the impact of a dissolution on village employees;


3.       Be implemented to the maximum extent possible by the Village Board, not the Town Boards; and


4.       Require as few approvals of the State Legislature as possible.


As has been reported widely in local media, the committee has already recommend the retention of a paid police department, retention of a paid professional fire department and ambulance service, retention of local control over water and sewer infrastructure, and pay-down of village debt.  Most other functions transfer to the Towns by law.  While the cost and tax impacts of these recommendations will be fully known next month, CGR has projected that the plan would benefit our municipal budgets by about $1 Million annually.


The Town’s letter contains several inaccurate and/or incomplete statements, as follows:


1.       Police Department – An option not contemplated by the letter, and endorsed by the committee, is the creation of a town-wide police force, which would maintain local control over policing.  Village police personnel would transfer to the new department, and the Towns would be responsible to create it.  A special district for police was not recommended.


2.       Fire and Ambulance Service - The committee recommends the creation of a Fire District to continue this service.  Formation of the District and appointment of initial fire commissioners would be undertaken prior to dissolution by the Village Board, not the Town Boards.  The Fire District would then carry on the paid fire and ambulance service, much as it works today.


3.       Water/Sewer Service – The option selected by the committee was not mentioned in the Town’s letter:  continuation of the service through a Local Development Corporation.  The Village Board would form the corporation and transfer its water and sewer assets into the corporation prior to dissolution, which would continue to operate the water and sewer system after dissolution seamlessly.  No action from the Town Boards or the State Legislature would be required.


4.       Timing – the letter states that there would be only 18 months after a dissolution vote, if approved, before the village dissolves.  This is not set in stone.  The dissolution committee and Village Board can select any time frame for dissolution, which could be several years.  Our Board would opt for a longer window that provides the Towns sufficient lead time to complete an orderly transition.    


As the plan is finally released, we urge all residents to consider the entire plan, not just unrelated pieces.  We also invite all Town and Village residents to attend the upcoming public hearings to learn about all options considered, which options were recommended, and what the impact would be on taxpayers and employees.  Only then can any of us make an informed decision about our community’s future.













Winter Parking Ban Notification!!!
The parking of vehicles is hereby prohibited on all highways within the Village of Medina and in all public parking lots and areas in the Village of Medina between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. beginning November 15 and ending March 15 of each year, provided that, in the "business districts," as hereinafter defined, the parking of vehicles on all highways therein between such hours, during such period of each year, for a period not exceeding one hour shall be lawful, and further provided that the parking of their vehicles in the so-called Senior Citizen Center parking lot by Village officers and/or employees actually engaged in their official duties or in Village employment between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. during the proscribed period above-mentioned shall be unlawful if such vehicle shall display a Village employee permit issued for such purpose by the Board of Trustees. The business districts as used in this chapter shall be as set forth in Schedule XVI (§ 236-54).

Report It!

Citizens can now communicate to the Public Works Department a hazard, complaint or other problem within the community that needs to be addresses simply by clicking the link below:

Dissolution Plan Committee Minutes

Village of Medina

Dissolution Plan Committee




PRESENT:    Don Colquhoun, Chair

                        Charlie Slack

                        Thurston Dale

                        Andrew Meier

                        Scott Sittig, CGR

                        Paul Bishop, CGR


Meeting was called to order at 1:06pm.


Chairman Colquhoun proceeded with introductions


Sittig discussed process moving forward, explained that work of committee would be guided by Appendix D to the grant agreement with the State of New York.  The objective of process is to complete dissolution plan and deliver to the board.  Adoption of the plan by the board or the voters is not required under the grant agreement with the State.


Sittig reported that CGR has met with Skip Draper of the Town of Shelby, and that he and the town were receptive to this process and that the town would agree to be a part of it to the extent their participation is requested.


Sittig reported that Brian Napoli of the Town of Ridgeway was not receptive to participating in the process, and that it would not cooperate with the work of the committee other than through the Freedom of Information Law.


Committee members expressed disappointment that Ridgeway would not be cooperative, especially considering the unanimity of the Consolidation Study committee to proceed with a 3-way municipal consolidation.  Colquhoun suggested that he and another committee member contact Napoli about reconsidering the Town’s position.


Sittig advised the committee that there is no statutory timeline applicable to the process other than what’s triggered upon endorsement of the plan by the village board.


Sittig advised that the role of committee is to approve dissolution plan and present it to the Village Board. 


The committee agreed that minutes of each meeting would be made public.


Sittig recommended the committee consider public relations efforts, and Dale requested Colquhoun be tasked to develop PR practices.  Colquhoun agreed to serve as the committee spokesperson, and CGR indicated that its communications would be routed through Colquhoun. 

Bishop reported that committee website is under revision.  Web address will be www.CGR.org/medina.


Bishop said that CGR’s next step would be interviews with Medina, Shelby and County personnel.  He hoped that Ridgeway officials could be interviewed eventually, as well.


Bishop discussed Project Schedule.  The process will be deliberative and there is no rush to get the project complete in a certain amount of time.


Bishop said that CGR would put together 2 plan: one that tends to preserve more services and which results in smaller tax rate reductions; and another that eliminates more services but which results in larger tax rate reductions.  Both plans would then be submitted to the public.  Then the committee deliberates further, narrows the plan to one plan which could contain elements of each plan, and submits the final plan to the public and the board.


The committee decided that it would prefer a schedule that left enough time for fact gathering, committee deliberation and public input.  The committee did not wish the process to be expedited solely so that a vote on the plan could occur by March 2014.


The next committee meeting was not scheduled, and would be called as needed.


Meeting adjourned at 2:20PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Andrew W. Meier

Secretary pro tem





Exemption for snow plowing services.



Presently, the Village Public Works Department plows and maintains all roads within the village.  Villagers pay for this service through their village tax.

In addition, village residents' town tax bills includes a tax for town highway departments to plow roads outside the village.  Labor, salt, and equipment are all included in the charge.  Because the towns provide this service exclusively outside the village, state law empowers town boards to exempt village residents from these charges.  Neither Shelby or Ridgeway have enacted such an exemption for Medina taxpayers.

According to Shelby Supervisor Skip Draper, if Shelby and Ridgeway exempted village taxpayers from town snow plowing and equipment charges, the savings to villagers would be: 


Shelby-inside-village: $.60 TAX RATE REDUCTION

Ridgeway-inside-village: $1.23 TAX RATE REDUCTION


As a percentage of villager's town tax bill, this would equal a REDUCTION of 

18% FOR SHELBY, and





Contact your town elected representatives to request this important exemption:


RIDGEWAY (No contact information on town website)

Brian Napoli, Supervisor

Jeff Toussaint, Deputy Supervisor

Mary Woodruff

Paul Blajszczak

Paul Canham


SHELBY (from town website)

Skip Draper, Supervisor - mdraper@townofshelbyny.org

Ken Schaal, Deputy Supervisor - kschaal@townofshelbyny.org

Steve Seitz, Jr. - seitzjr@townofshelbyny.org

Dale Stalker - dalestalker@townofshelbyny.org

William Bacon - wbacon@townofshelbyny.org

Be sure to check the "Calendars" section for all upcoming meeting schedules. If you have a request, please send an email to the webmaster listed at the bottom of the home page.

1865 Bent's Opera House in downtown Medina
Dear Friends,

In pursuit of our revival of the 1865 Bent's Opera House in downtown Medina, the Orleans Renaissance Group commissioned a professionally produced promotional video.  

It depicts a grandmother figure, Helen Zelazny of Medina, who, having celebrated her wedding at the Opera House in 1951, finds herself rediscovering the space where she spent one of the most important days of her life.  Making this video was special to Helen, as she would have celebrated her 60th anniversary this year, but for her husband's recent passing.  Original photos of her actual wedding at the Opera House are featured in the video. 

The video was produced by Andrew Manzano, a Rochester-area film maker. 

The story is compelling, the imagery and music beautiful, and the overall effort a work of art.  This video highlights not just our vision for rebirth of the building, but also our focus on promoting the arts and media in all its forms, every step of the way.  I hope you enjoy it, and please share!  

Bring it Back!

This short film featuring the Greycliffe String Quartet shows the emotional connection that we can establish with the places where the cherished moments of our lives unfold. The grandmother in the story actually had her wedding reception in Bent's Hall, in Medina, NY, sixty years ago. We see in this short journey the rich history of this treasured structure intertwined with the magic that this place can hold for the coming generations.
View the video by clicking on the link below.


Photo Montage of Historic Medina
Please click on the YouTube link titled Historic Medina on the menu at the left. These are beautiful images of Historic Medina that go un-noticed by many people. There are undiscovered gems here in Medina. Plan to go out and discover them all!

Date Issued: July 6, 2011


Subject: State Police Warn of E-mail Hoax


NYSP has received complaints about spam that has gone out nationwide and internationally with the information below. The spam appears to have hit a large number of yahoo e-mail addresses. The e-mail had an attached file (Ticket.zip) contains malware. Some recipients report that the malware was caught by their anti-virus software. A sample of the file attachment is being analyzed by NYS OCS IRT.


NYSP PIO has distributed a media release warning about the spam.


We will update this bulletin once the analysis of the malware is complete.


E-mail Sample:


> New York State Department of Motor Vehicles UNIFORM TRAFFIC TICKET



> 7:25 AM

> Date of Offense

> 07/02/2011



> Description of Violation





New York State Office of Cyber Security

1220 Washington Avenue

State Office Campus, Building 7A

Albany, New York, 12242

(518) 242-5200

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