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  Western New York's

  Biggest and Best

  Arbor Day



  Wilson Southworth

Memorial Arbor Day

  Celebration 2018!

 FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2018  9:00AM

   BUTTS PARK, South Main St.

 Medina, New York 


  Mr. Wilson Southworth– Long-time Medina elementary school educator

  and Tree Board Vice-Chairman sadly passed away in 2017. Wilson was

  a huge proponent of reforesting our village and spent many hours working

  hands-on towards that goal, planning, planting and pruning village trees!

  His contribution to reforesting Medina stands tall and this years' Arbor Day

  celebration will remember and honor him, and his fierce determination in 

 making Medina a beautiful village of trees! Thank you Wilson Southworth!  







    The Village of Medina- a proud

  Tree City USA 


  Tree City Growth Award



    A great place to live and grow!



  During the hot, dry months of summer...

  trees need water!!! Tree Gator

  Civic-minded citizens can help!!!


  Did you know that it has been estimated that a 35' tall tree with an

  actual leaf surface area of 2000 ft tree could lose up to 35  gallons

  of water a day? New street trees require little more than regular

  watering to ensure vigorous growth. The question is, how much

  and how often?


  A newly planted tree will require 6 - 8 gallons of water

  every 10 - 14 days, or 1.5 - 2 gallons a day.


  During July, August, and September drought conditions can

  stress some trees badly and more watering may be required during extreme conditions.

  However, if young trees are watered properly on a consistent basis,  they will survive,

  grow, and thrive even under extremely dry and hot conditions. Village residents are

  encouraged to water young and recently planted street trees in the during the summer

  drought periods of  July-September, as long as the tips in the article below (High Quality

  Trees - How Much Water Does a Tree Need?) are followed.


  If you can afford to do so, your help in watering during the summer months would be

  invaluable, welcomed and greatly appreciated!!! Without water, a tree cannot establish a

  strong, deep root system and will never become a vigorous, lush, and long-lived beautiful


  Don't over water (daily). Be careful not to over water. Over-watering interferes with the

  roots ability to exchange oxygen. Check the soil. It should be moist not saturated.

  Trees love water, but they do not  like "soggy feet"!  One test may be to take a handful of

  soil, close, then open your hand. If the soil retains its shape - but is not sticky, the

  moisture content is favorable.   


  Perhaps you've noticed those odd-looking green bags around the base of newly planted

  trees in the village...  They are called  "Tree Gators".  They hold 20 gallons of water and

  deliver it to the tree roots with a slow drip to ensure the water goes where it is needed. 

  Residents can purchase Tree Gators online through Amazon, or many other online

  retailers. They can also be found at many WNY nurseries, like Russell's Tree & Shrub

  Farm, LLC on Transit Road in East Amherst, NY.  Gators provide an excellent way to

  water any tree during hot, dry months. They are easy to use and nearly fool-proof!


  Please note!... just because a tree no longer wears a Gator does not mean it no longer

  needs water!  Any tree, young or mature needs water in hot weather!  Your help in

  watering is greatly appreciated!  20-gallon Tree Gator effectively delivers deep watering

  to tree roots, helping young trees to establish and  grow during hot, dry weather, and

  become vigorous as they mature. A healthy root system ensures a strong, healthy, long-

  lived tree that will provide many years of beauty and enjoyment!





  Homeowners- interested in purchasing a tree for

 the right-of-way in front of your house?...



   Street Trees can be purchased by Residents

  through the Village...


   Purchasing a 2" caliper B&B tree, having it delivered, and hiring a

  professional to install it can cost more than $500!! 


   Homeowners- interested in purchasing a tree for the right-of-way

  in front of your house?


  We do all of the above for $180!!


   Download the form below "TREE DOCUMENTS & INFORMATION:

  Homeowner Tree Purchase Request" and start the process today!  


  NOTE: All trees planted on village right-of-way require permission and

  approval of the Tree Board!  Trees are planted in Spring.  Trees requested

  after Spring planting will be planted the following year.









Tree Board Member - Chairman
Christopher Busch
Phone: 585-798-1523
Tree Board Member - Vice-Chairman
Nicole Goyette
Phone: 585-798-4959
Tree Board Member - Secretary
Jamie Wagner
Phone: 585-798-4239
Tree Board Member - Arbor Day Coordinator
Nicole Goyette
Phone: 585-798-4959
Tree Board Member
Mary Lewis
Memorial Tree Donations
make memorial enquiries/requests to:
Village Clerk's Office
Memorial Tree Donations - Medina Municipal Tree Board
119 Park Avenue
Medina, NY 14103
Phone: 585-798-0710
Code Enforcement Officer - Ex Offico Tree Board Member
Martin Busch
Village Building Department
City Hall - 600 Main Street
Medina, NY 14103
Phone: 585-798-0770
Village Tree Planting/Municipal Tree Ordinance Questions
Department of Public Works - Secretary
Jada Burgess
Phone: 585-798-1790
Superintendent of Public Works - Ex Offico Tree Board Member
Joe Perry
Department of Public Works
City Hall - 600 Main Street
Medina, NY 14103
Phone: 585-798-1790







Medina celebrates Arbor Day by planting 71 trees

Arbor Day 2016: Medina celebrates by planting 71 trees!

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NEW: Rugged Charm® maple: a good utility wire choice!
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YouTube - Medina Celebrates Arbor Day 2012!
Video: Medina Celebrates Arbor Day 2012! Children from nearby Oak Orchard School help make Medina's celebration the biggest & best in WNY!
Medina Celebrates Arbor Day 2012!
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The Sweet Smell of the Katsura Tree Besides being a magnificent tree, this native of Japan has apricot colored fall leaves that smell like cotton candy
Who Supplies Medina's Trees?
Who Supplies Medina's Trees? Eric Gee of Russell's Tree & Shrub Farm LLC, Amherst, NY has consistently supplied Medina with a wide variety of high-quality urban suited trees.
Osage Orange: A Great Urban Street Tree
Osage Orange: A Great Urban Street Tree Unlike its cousin in the wild, this Osage Orange has no thorns, no messy fruit, and is a tough, beautiful tree
YouTube: Treegator: The Original Slow Release Watering Bag for Trees
NEW: Video: Treegator- The Original Slow Release Watering Bag  Water is especially important for new trees and Medina counts on the Treegator to ensure strong establishment of new plantings.
South Carolina Forestry Commission/Univ. of Clemson Extension
IMPORTANT: Newly Planted Trees: Strategies for Survival  Ensure your newly planted tree survives - So. Carolina Forestry Comm./Univ. of Clemson Extension
Medina Celebrates Arbor Day!
Medina NY: WNY Biggest and Best Arbor Day Celebration!
Medina Receives Tree City Growth Award
Medina Awarded Tree City Growth Award
Creating An Urban Forest: The Bare Root Method
Video: Creating An Urban Forest: The Bare Root Method
University of Connecticut Plant database

University of Connecticut Plant Database: Tree Photos & Information

Oregon State University Plant database
Oregon State University Plant Database: Tree Photos & Information
Cornell University Woody Plants Database
Cornell University Woody Plants Database: Tree Photos & Information
Cornell University Urban Horticulture Institute

Cornell University Urban Horticulture Institute: Dr. Nina Bassuk/Information about trees in urban environments

Urban Forestry, LLC
Urban Forestry LLC: Andrew Pleninger, Vice-President/Arboricultural and Urban Forestry consulting services
American Society of Consulting Arborists
American Society of Consulting Arborists: Advice & Information for the general public about Arborists
New York ReLeaf
New York ReLeaf: A statewide effort that brings people together to share information about trees
NEW: Tree City USA
Tree City USA/National Arbor Day Foundation Information on how to become a Tree City USA
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYSDEC Urban & Community Forestry: DEC forestry professionals, public/private individuals, & volunteers working with urban trees
International Society of Arborculture: Trees Are Good!
Comprehensive Information About Trees & Tree Care: General information for homeowners about trees & tree care.
University of Illinois Extension
Selecting Trees For Your Home: Things a homeowner should consider when selecting a tree
University of Minnesota Forestry Resource Extension
Seasonal Care For Trees in Northern U.S. Climates: Information for homeowners about caring for trees in places like WNY
Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Northern Tree Selection Online Information: Information for homeowners about selecting the best trees for climates like WNY
Minnesota Power: The Right Tree Handbook

Comprehensive Information About Selecting The Proper Tree: Information about why certain trees are best for certain sites










The following information pertains to pests which have infested trees in several states, including how to identify and report them, and what is currently being done to eradicate them.  The Asian Long Horned Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, Sirex Woodwasp and Oak Wilt are responsible for destorying entire tree populations over extremely wide areas, including some areas of New York State.  Both are a severe threat to the health and existence of urban and natural forests across the United States. 

Tree-killing oak wilt found in Canandaigua
New & Important: Tree-killing oak wilt found in Canandaigua
Plant disease clinic identifies new case of oak wilt
New & Important: Clinic identifies new case of oak wilt
USDA: How To Identify, Prevent, and Control Oak Wilt
New & Important: USDA: How To Identify, Prevent, & Control Oak Wilt
2012 DEC Emerald Ash Borer Awareness
NEW: DEC Alerting NY Residents on EAB
USDA Asian Long Horned Beetle
Asian Long Horned Beetle Infestation/Quarantine Information
University of Vermont Asian Long Horned Beetle
Asian Long Horned Beetle Infestation/Reporting Information
NEW: Emerald Ash Borer in NYS
NY Eyes Migration of Emerald Ash Borer Niagara and Erie counties could be the target in 2010
NYC Department of Parks & Recreation: Asian Long Horned Beetle
Asian Long Horned Beetle NYS Infestation Information
NEW: Sirex woodwasp infestation harms pine species in NYS
Sirex Woodwasp Infestation NYSDEC announces comprehensive program to limit spread of serious pest
USDA Emerald Ash Borer
USDA Emerald Ash Borer Infestation/Reporting Information
USDA Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer Infestation Information







How can I get a tree planted in front of my house?




  ANSWER: There are two ways in which a homeowner can have a tree planted

  on the right-of-way in front of their home. Many residents have chosen to

   purchase a right-of-way tree planting through the Village!


  FIRST: contact the Municipal Tree Board and enquire if there will be any trees

  planted in your neighborhood soon.  The Tree Board is constantly assessing 

  needs and updating plans.  Your neighborhood could be next.


  SECOND: you may purchase (donate) a tree(s) through the Village to be planted!  

  Download the form- HOMEOWNER TREE PURCHASE REQUEST- below on this

  website. Complete the quick and easy form, return it to or mail it to the

  Village Building Department, and a Tree Board representative will contact

  you.  They will schedule a visit to your property, assess the proposed planting

  sites, and make recommendations about what trees are both best and

  appropriate to plant.  They will talk about those trees with you and help you

  make your selections.  Your plans and tree selections will be approved,

  you'll make your payment at the clerk's office, your trees will ordered, 

  delivered, and installed for your enjoyment!  


  DO NOT purchase and plant a tree on village right-of-way without consulting

  with and obtaining approval of the Municipal Tree Board- it is AGAINST THE



  The Tree Board welcomes your interest, encourages tree purchases and 

  plantings and will work to accomodate your needs!  All planting is done in the 

  Spring. The cost of a high-quality tree- 2" caliper, delivered, planted, and

  mulched is $180... no landscaper can match that price or quality, charging

  as much as $500 or more! 


  If you would like to begin this simple process, you may do so at any time. 

  Please note the following:


  •  Trees requested after Spring planting will be planted the following year.

  •  Spring trees are ordered in February- it may be possible to add your tree!

  •  Small trees are required under utility lines.

  •  Large trees will be planted on all other sites supporting large trees.


How can I purchase a Memorial Tree and granite brick for the garden?




  Information about memorial tree donations and about village tree

  donations in general can be found below, or by contacting Jada Burgess

  at the Medina Village Clerk's Office.  Mrs. Burgess will put you in touch

  with a Tree Board rep. who can help you. You may download a PDF format

  donation form and additional information below in the section below

  "Tree Documents and Information". 


   For a donation of $250, a memorial tree can be purchased and located

  somewhere in the village forest.  Included with the purchase of a

  memorial tree is granite brick inscribed with a memorial wish, 

  a rememberance, or to celebrate an event.  The bricks are ordered

  throughout the year, BUT are placed in the  Memorial Tree Garden

  (in front of City Hall) once each spring.  The garden was completed

  in August 2009, with the installation of a paver walkway and the first

  group of granite memorial bricks. Once again, additional granite

  bricks will be installed once each spring. Bricks can not be

  purchased without a tree.


   A memorial tree donation is a beautiful way in which you can provide a

  living tribute and help beautify the village streets. General donations

  to the tree fund are also most welcome and help us in reforestation efforts.                                                                                            



What other ways can I help the Village forest efforts?


  ANSWER: There are other ways citizens can help the Village forest

  without buying a tree! 


   If there are newly or recently planted trees in your neighborhood,

  do what you can to keep them watered and mulched in the hot,

  dry summer months.  The Tree Board and DPW do what they can with

  limited resources.  You can be a huge help by watering a tree!  There

  is helpful information on this website and below in the article

  "High Quality Trees - How Much Water Does a Tree Need?".  You'll find

  information about watering and mulching a tree.  Read the helpful links

  on this site... they'll help you become an educated tree helper!


  Notes of caution: 


  • Do not mulch a tree with fresh wood chips.  They will deplete the nitrogen

  in the soil and harm the tree!  Use commerically prepared mulch or compost. 


  • Do not ever use a "weed-whacker" around the base of a tree!  It will damage

  the tree and possibly lead to disease and/or the death of the tree. 


  • Do not mound mulch around the trunk of the tree!  This can lead to rot and

  other undesirable situations for the tree!  Refer to the helpful information on

  this site proper mulching techniques and the dangers of mulch volcanoes.





  When in doubt, call the Code Enforcement Officer!  If you believe a tree needs

  pruning, trimming, or other maintenance, contact the Municipal Tree Board or

  Code Enforcement Officer.  They will be happy to assess the situation and

  provide the right care at the right time!  We appreciate your enthusiasm, but 

  please- let us take care of anything major!









FORM: Homeowner Tree Donation/Planting Request

This form is to be used by a homeowner who desires to purchase/donate and plant a tree(s) on the public right-of-way in front of their home.

FORM: Memorial/Honor Tree Donation

This form is used by someone wishing to donate funds to purchase a tree and granite engraved brick in memory of someone, or to honor someone for an achievement, birth, etc.

Download this form and follow the instructions to initiate the approval/denial process to request that a tree not be planted on the right-of-way near your home.
NEW: Proper Mulching Techniques for Residents Avoid Mulch Volcanoes and resulting tree damage with proper mulching techniques
Recommended Trees for the Village of Medina

Boxwood Cemetery Tree Inventory Report 2010

Prepared by Andrew Pleninger, Urban Forestry LLC

Village of Medina Tree Risk Survey

Prepared by Andy Pleninger, Urban Forestry LLC

Why Do We Need A Tree Board?
So Many Tree Choices... Which One to Plant?
What Kind of Tree Should I Plant?
#4 A High Quality Tree (PDF - 617.6 KB)
A High Quality Tree - How Much Water Does a Tree Need? 
More About High Quality Trees
There Are Other Great Trees Besides Maples!
And Still More Great Trees!
Yet Even More Great Trees to Consider!
More Excellent Tree Choices!
January-March: Plant Your Tree Planting Now!

One More Great Tree to Consider Planting...







Medina Arbor Day 2010 (PDF - 495.8 KB)
PRESS RELEASE: Medina Arbor Day 2010  Medina to receive third Tree City USA designation at Arbor Day celebration
Medina Arbor Day 2009 (PDF - 587.5 KB)
Medina Arbor Day 2009 Medina receives the Tree City USA national designation for a second year.
Medina Arbor Day 2008 (PDF - 367.6 KB)
Medina Arbor Day 2008 Students and citizens celebrate Arbor Day in Medina, NY
Editorial: Trees, Glorious Trees!  The Batavia Daily News urges communities to follow Medina's example.
Partners: Arbor Day Medina & The Bank of Castile

Cornell Helps Trees Grow in Towns From Medina To Jordan








National Grid Tree Selection Guide
Advice and Guidelines For Watering Trees
Advice and Guidelines For Pruning Trees
Advice and Guidelines For Planting Trees
The Persian Ironwood: A Tree of Interest All Year Long

ALERT! • Emerald Ash Borer in WNY!








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20-Gallon "Tree Gator" Slow-Release watering bag
Tree Gator


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