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In an Emergency Call 911

Chief of Police: Todd Draper
Address: 600 Main Street, Medina, NY 14103
Phone: 585-798-5602
Fax: 585-798-2426
Daily | 8:00 am-4:30 pm
Emergency: Call 911

Police Committee Reform Report Draft

Committee on Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative: Please click on the link below to take survey on Police Reform:

Policies and Procedures:
2016-001 Awards and Commendations
2016-002 Body Armor
2016-003 Bad Checks
2016-005 Communicable Diseases
2016-006 Communications
2016-007 Community Relations
2016-008 Crime Prevention
2016-009 Safety Belts
2016-010 Emergency Response Driving and Vehicle Pursuit
2016-011 Emergency Mobilization
2017-012 Social Media
2017-013 Domestic Violence
2017-014 handling of prisoners
2017-015 Drug Drop Box
2017-016 Sharps Disposal Drop Box
2017-018 off duty employment
2017-019 sexual harassment
2017-020 vehicle impound and inventory
2017-021 Oleoresin Capsicum Spray
2017-022 taser
2017-023 Uniform Replacement
2017-024 mutual aid
2017-025 Patrol Procedures
2017-027 Recruitment, Selection App
2017-028 DRE
2017-029 Order Formats and Authorization
2017-030 Use of Force-Deadly Physical Force
2017-031 Handling Deadly Physical Force Incidents
2017-032 Firearms and use of firearms
2017-033 Uniform, Equipment, Appearance,
2018-035 MVA Investigations and Reports
2018-036 Narcan
2018-037 Shift Briefing 2018
2018-038 Congregation of Personnel
2018-039 Missing Persons
2018-040 CR-Incident Reports
2018-041 Department Camera System
2018-042 Use of High Visibility Apparel
2018-043 Juvenile Procedures
2019-044 Less Lethal Shotgun
2019-045 Body-Worn Cameras
2019-045a BWC Supplement
2019-046 Performance Evaluation Policy
2019-047 Tire Deflation Devices
2020-048 DWI and DWAI
2020-049 Spit Hoods
2020-050 Civilian Personnel Complaints
Preface 2016

** Certain sensitive policies not listed due to confidential response procedures.  **





Medina Police Decal Program – Application

Medina Police Department Civilian Complaint   – Complaints filed regarding arrests will be addressed after the disposition of a case.  Completed complaints may be dropped off at the Village Clerk’s Office, 119 Park Avenue, Medina.

Award – Commendation Policy – Have you observed an Officer perform an exceptional task?  Please complete the Award Nomination Form and submit it to the Medina Police Department or Village Clerk’s Office. The award descriptions and criteria are listed in the 2016-001 Award and Commendation Policy.  All nominations are confidential and will be forwarded to the Award Committee for consideration.  Thank you.

Peddlers Permit and Mobile Food Vendor Permits can be found on our Forms and Application Page.

Going out of town and would like you property checked?  The police department will check your property to give you peace of mind.  Fill out the form on the forms and applications page and bring the form to the station.  The form can be found under Resident Forms.

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