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After Hours call the Orleans Co. Sheriff (585) 589-5527
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Residence experiencing issue with street lighting may contact National Grid our electricity provider in this area.

They can also be reached at:
Customer Service
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Below we have provided links to our disposal and recycling guide for answers to common questions.  Contracted through Orleans County, billed on your County Taxes. You may call Orleans County at 585-589-7053 or Modern at 1-800-330-7107

Recycling Guide 2018
2018 Newsletter – Modern Disposal

The Village of Medina chips branches from village owned trees following a wind storm or our own men take down or trim village trees. In the past, when we had the extra time and extra manpower, we would send the chipper out to try and clean up branch debris around the village. Under Orleans County Taxes, Village of Medina residents pay to have branches picked up with their regular trash pick up as long as they are bundled in lengths of no more than 4 foot and weigh less than 40 pounds. When residents have a tree service come in and do trimming and take downs on their own property, the tree service must include the removal of all branches and debris not picked up by the garbage contractor. When trimming their own trees they are to bundle them for trash pick up. If there is a wind storm and village forces are coming around chipping, branches moved to the roadside will be chipped. At no time will we come on private property for the purposes of chipping branches from a privately owned tree/shrub.